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Feb. 14th, 2008

The big V

Happy V Day everyBody!! Sheila loves you all!!! :D

Feb. 10th, 2008


I'm just beginning to enjoy writing.

It all started with sending long mails to friends far away,. trying hard to keep in touch , try and relive the excitement, ups and downs and make the gossip sound gossip worthy :) .

To do all of this, for the first time I actually found myself re reading what I wrote over and over again. Opening books I love and analyzing the writing, going through blogs and even billboards and cereal boxes!

I enjoy writing that very descriptive but not jargon filled. Writing that forces me to imagine every tiny little detail written, every facial expression and emotion felt.

I though find it hard to put in words what I experience, those little things I that make me want to do the twist and sing Celine Dion without making it sound like an every day episode. It may even be an every day episode but I I'm looking at it differently, trying to put down or even relate to someone without giving up half way has become quite a trial for me.

I'm asking for help on how to make a paragraph be as colorful as a picture. To make them feel how I feel without having to say " Oh it was fantastic! You should 've been there to know. "

Jan. 21st, 2008

All in a name

I had a dream last night that Deve Gowda (if you didn't know - president of the Janata Dal (Secular) (JD-S)) thought I had a very charming name!

Ha! to you all who poke fun at me, Mr Deve Gowda thinks otherwise :D .

ps: His son said he'd by me 15 cups too. Never mentioned of what though..

Grad ceremony

Jan. 17th, 2008

Word Building

The silliest game I played online with a friend.

A friend on chat asked me to play word building with him, using countries. To see whose GK was better.
It was no surprise when both of us seemed to be equally good -- Maybe it was because we were using the same reference , wikipedia. lol .

Updates on life and some such nonsense:

Sang a few songs with the band "Chilli Potato" for a show at Catholic club last Saturday, wasn't my best but I had loads of * fun * :)

Funny incident that happened that night : Old inebriated man approaches band at the end of the show and points to me saying " You the lady who sang Zombie , right? " me, " Um , no " , points to fellow band mate , "She did".

Old inebriated man (OIM) " No it was you!" , me "Nooo , it was her"
repeat ten times .
Me, " Oh yes now I remember , it was me!! "

lesson learnt-
Never argue with OIM's .

After the show we ( Gaurav, Shreyas, Jugga, Shilpa ) land up at Noella's door step , promptly at the stroke of 12, to remind kalyan that he was turning a year older that day.

It was a nice enough party, during which no announcements were made, and as usual we got merry with the help of some lovely wine.

Sunday morning I wake up late and rush to a girlfriends place to make it in time for  lunch.  Stuff myself silly ( as usual ) chit chat with her lovely mom and dad and then spend the rest of the afternoon talking about life and all its ups and downs. Thank you so much Swetha for being there, for your wise words and your support!

Later that evening , geta call from a friend who says there's a "Beatles tribute concert " happening at St Johns auditorium.
Me gets very excited and drags along a heavy metal fan and my sister ( Shilpa!! )
What a god awful show!
The entire time ( that we were there ) the MC kept referring to the trio on stage as the "THREATLES" :O :O :O :O.... say what!?!@!
They even had two couples doing the jive on stage. I never seem to get that, why would you have two couples doing exactly the same thing, side by side without any sort of interaction!
After laughing our guts out, we run out during the interval, Shilpa goes home ( after getting super irritated with my friend lol ! ) while the chap and I park ourselves at noons for the rest of the night.

Come Monday, loads of work again (nothing much to say here :D )and later dinner at Fresco's. It was Kallu's and Noella's combined birthday dinner.
The dinner was soo much fun! Met Sallu aka Santosh after a very long time , watched Shilpa molest Jugga and Bipin rape my name! Ate some amazing cheese cake and drank way too much beer!
Thank you Verma's and Happy Birthday again!

The rest of the week is not worth mentioning, except that one night Shilpa cooked some fantastic butter chicken! 

Yesterday was my good friend Raju aka Rajarshi's birthday. Went over to his place at 12 , kicked the living daylights out of him  had a few drinks and left. In the evening he treated us to drinks and kababs at Vaayu, the lounge bar on top of eva mall.
It was great being with the old Mysore gang again, reminiscing the days when we just let loose , almost forgot about our lives back home and made friendships that each one of us will cherish for years to come.
A big bear hug to all my infy lovelies - Neethi / Little one / Haath Neethi ! , Pavan / Pavani / Chuut , Swetha / loue / Sweater , Shilpa / Chippu / Menge ( hehehe :D ) , Arjoon / Som / -stuck-at-infy-for-life hehe and Rajarshi / Raju / Auto Raju / Cycle Raju .

-- Happy Birthday Auto Raju!

Tonight we plan to go for some opera singer concert thingie , thanks Garuav Gaurav for the tickets :D . Should be fun!
See you there ladies!!

Dec. 14th, 2007


Nov. 28th, 2007

Carpenters - Close to you

Nov. 22nd, 2007


Using the new flock to post this. I must say I liking very much.

Blogged with Flock


Nov. 19th, 2007


I feel old. Not a nice feeling at all. Keep getting dreams that I'm dying of a heart attack. 
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Sequeira Siblings

The four Sequeira siblings!!
The tallest and first- Shwetha Sophia Sequeira ( Applause ) hikoridikoridoc
Coming second is the dashing young man , Susheel Antony Sequeira ( Applause )
Finally , tying at third place , from the left , Shilpa vinitha Sequeira twostupidogs and Sheela Jasmine Sequeira ( me ) ( Even bigger applause )

Thank you thank you thank you :)

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